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Golf Goddess Silver Stroke Counter Bracelet with Cause Ribbon Charm



Golf Goddess Silver Stroke Counter Bracelet with Cause Ribbon Charm is a beautiful and convenient way to track golf strokes and more. This bracelet replaces the need for a score counter attached to a belt or golf bag. Beads stay in place unless moved (one-by-one) by you! Our Cause Ribbon Charm Bracelet features a silver cause ribbon to represent a charity or cause close to the wearer's heart. Sterling silver dipped with 6mm sterling silver hand-etched beads. A stylish alternative to traditional counting tools, Golf Goddess can be worn on and off the greens (#coursetococktails).


Product details

- 925 sterling silver dipped cuff
- Twelve 6mm sterling silver dipped hand-etched beads featuring a 7mm sterling silver cause ribbon charm
- Fits all wrist sizes (gently squeeze or open cuff)


      Things you can count

      - strokes per hole
      - par per round
      - bogies per round
      - daily glasses of water (on and off the green)



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