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Count Me Healthy Crystal & Gold Bracelet



Our Crystal Collection bracelets feature beads embellished with sparkling, clear crystals. Created to serve as a beautiful journal for your wrist and a stylish, constant reminder of your goals. Count goals (suggestions below) by moving the beads from one side of the bracelet to the other. Beads stay in place unless moved by you.

Product details

14k gold dipped
Hand-etched 8mm stardust patterned beads dotted with clear crystals.
Fits most wrist sizes (once on your wrist, gently squeeze or open cuff for a perfect fit).

    Things you can count

    Mindfully monitor: glasses of water, snacks, macros, pounds lost or gained, fruit and veggie servings, vitamins, prescriptions, hours between mealtimes, weekly workouts, days on cleanse/lifestyle edit, days intermittent fasting, kind actions, positive thoughts, whatever else you personally want to be more mindful of. 


    Mindfully reduce: cigarettes while quitting, sodas, sugar grams, caffeinated beverages, artificial sweeteners, pieces of candy, processed foods, any other personal vices or triggers. 




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